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  • When you receive these lines I shall be no more. I cannot bear the reproach that I have sealed the fate of the West through faulty measures, and I have no means of defending myself. I draw a conclusion from that and am dispatching myself where already thousands of my comrades are. I have never feared death. Life has no more meaning for me, and I also figure that I'm on the list of war criminals who are to be delivered up. Our applications were not dictated by pessimism but by sober knowledge of the facts. I do not know if Field-Marshal Model, who has been proved in every sphere, will still master the situation. From my heart I hope so. Should it not be so, however, and your cherished new weapons do not succeed, then, my Fuhrer, make up your mind to end the war and put an end to a hopeless struggle when necessary. The German people have received such untold suffering that it is time to put an end to this frightfulness. There must be ways to attain this end, and above all, to prevent the Reich from falling under the Bolshevist heel.
    • A letter Kluge left for Hitler when committing suicide, August 19, 1944.
  • Moscow, at the same time, represents the heart and the head of the Soviet regime. Beyond this understanding as its perception, it constitutes also an important military center. Furthermore, it is the main node of the Russian railway net, especially with regard to the lines that connect the west with Siberia. The Russians will surely employ massive forces in order to prevent us fro storming the capital. Therefore, I believe that we would have to aim at Moscow, all the available troops, via the Minsk, Orsha and Smolensk. If we are to conquer this zone before winter, we would have done enough for this year. Then we would have to think about further plans for 1942.
    • About preparing the attack against Russia, 1941.
  • Well, gentlemen, this matter has been a fiasco.
    • About the failed assassination attempt on Hitler's life, July 1944.