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  • We'll be back in 20 minutes after some brain surgery.
    • Test for Echo Tour (1997), Mansfield, Massachusetts (as heard at the end of Disc 1 of the 1998 live album Different Stages)
  • Thank you all for coming to help us celebrate our gazillionth album!
    • Snakes & Arrows World Tour (2007), Houston, Texas
  • We're going to take a break now, because...we're old.
    • Snakes & Arrows World Tour (2007), Chicago, Illinois
  • We're going to take a break to tighten a few loose screws.
    • Snakes & Arrows World Tour (2007), Clarkston, Michigan
  • We're going to take a break because we are no spring chickens.
    • Snakes & Arrows World Tour (05.04.2008), Concord, California, Sleeptrain Ampitheater
  • "We are going to take a break now, because we're old and we cant hold it forever."
    • Snakes & Arrows World Tour (2008), New Jersey