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Anybody know what this "10th symphony" is? Schubert never completed what we know as his tenth symphony, and although Brian Newbould made a performing version of it, that was long after Grove's death. At the time of his death, I don't even think the sketches of the tenth had been discovered. The standard numbering of Schubert's symphonies has changed somewhat over the years, so maybe this piece is now known as something else - I'm guessing it's the the ninth (the "Great" in C major)? An explanatory note would be good if anybody knows for sure. --Camembert

I don't have any idea, but according to "Of the 8 symphonies published in Schubert's lifetime, his 7th published symphony "The Great" in C Major was actually the 10th symphony he completed." Hyacinth 07:04, 22 Apr 2004 (UTC)