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Unsourced quotes about Zhukov[edit]

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  • Zhukov was the only person who feared no one. He was not afraid of Stalin.
    • Marshal Timoshenko
  • Don't get ahead of yourself. We did it without Lenin. We can do it without you.
    • Joseph Stalin, after Zhukov told Stalin that if Zhukov is talking "rubbish," he should assign him to the front instead of being at the command headquarters.
  • Zhukov's right arm, which once was enlisted in a just cause, will battle no more. Sleep! Russian history holds, as is fitting, Space for the exploits of those who, though bold, marching triumphant through foreign cities, trembled in terror when they came home.
    • Joseph Brodsky, poem written in memory of Zhukov in 1974.
  • Zhukov was the most successful commander of World War II, who fell from grace under Khrushchev, but never lost his place in the pantheon of Soviet heroes.
    • Dan Richardson