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We miss you GV


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  • I will drive flat out all the time. I love racing.
  • Every winter, you would reckon on three or four big spills - and I'm talking about being thrown on to the ice at 100 mph. Those things used to slide a lot, which taught me a great deal about control. And the visibility was terrible! Unless you were leading, you could see nothing, with all the snow blowing about. Good for the reactions - and it stopped me having any worries about racing in the rain.
  • If someone said to me that you can have three wishes, my first would have been to get into racing, my second to be in Formula 1, my third to drive for Ferrari...
  • I never think I can hurt myself - not seriously. If you believe it can happen to you, how can you do this job? If you are never over eight-tenths, or whatever, because you're thinking about a shunt, you're not going as quick as you can. And if you're doing that, you're not a racing driver. Some guys in Formula 1... well, to me they're not racing drivers. They drive racing cars, that's all. They're doing a half job. And in that case I wonder why they do it at all.
  • I think I've proved that, in equal cars, if I want someone to stay behind me... well, I think he stays behind...
  • I don't have any fear of a crash. No fear of that. Of course, on a fifth gear corner with a fence outside, I don't want to crash. I'm not crazy. But if its near the end of practice, and you're trying for pole position maybe, I guess you can squeeze the fear...