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Quotes (re)moved from the Main article[edit]

  • "Keep Your Stones Connected" The Way To Go
  • "There is death in the hane"
  • "Hane at the head of two stones"
  • "Ikken tobi is never bad"
  • "There are no ko threats in the opening"
  • "Strange things happens at the 1-2 point"
  • "Do not peep when you can cut"
  • "Even a moron connects against a peep"
  • "Do not use thickness to make territory"
  • "Play away from thickness"
  • Winning is enjoyable, but losing does not detract from the pleasure of playing.
    • Nakayama Noriyuki, professional player and Go writer
  • I even remember a game in a Go World, where he was agonizing for hours over a basic large nadare variation. He then played the joseki move and was asked afterwards why it took him so long to play it. His answer was (more or less) Oh - that's joseki? I'm not happy with this variation but could not come up with something better.
    • Thomas Schmid about 'cosmic'-Takemiya, a Go Gamer
  • One of the many Go quotations is the story about a student who went to a Go master to learn the game. The Go master played one game with the student to see if the student had any merit. When the Go master saw that the student did indeed have merit, the Go master agreed to teach the student in Go. Over the next few months many topics were discussed from mathematics to philosophy, science and religion, but Go was never discussed. Then at the end of the instruction, the Go master played one more game with the student and found that the student had indeed learned how to play Go.
  • Playing atari and then connecting is often bad style. Don't play 1-2-3, just play 3.
    • Anonymous
  • If Go is like war, Chess is a knife fight in a phone booth.
    • Anonymous

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Why "Go is much better than sex"[edit]

  • You can become a professional and be proud of it.
  • Spectators are not a problem, if you wish to play Go.
  • You can play Go with people who have a different sexual orientation.
  • Serious games last for 10 hours or even more.
  • You can play all day, every day, for days on end.
  • You never fall ill while playing Go.
  • You don't need to buy flowers or chocolate before the game.
  • There is never any commitment after the game, just go find another playing partner.
  • You can play go by internet.
  • You can easily change the opponent.
  • You can already be a strong player at the age of 7.
  • You can enjoy the game at the age of 70, 80, 90...
  • As soon as you finish the game, you can start a new one.
  • Strong players can play many opponents simultaneously.
  • You can smoke and drink beer during the game.
  • Your opponent never complains if you are playing too fast.
  • You don't need to kiss your opponent during the game or after the game.
  • You don't feel guilty after the game.
  • In go your performance improves with age.
  • In go your looks don't matter.
  • You can play go by yourself and not feel embarrassed about it.
  • You can play go on the computer and not feel like a loser.

Source: Go Humour


Even if I thought for a million years I wouldn't understand it.
- Kitani Minoru (1909–1975)
  • Studying Go is a wonderful way to develop both the creative as well as the logical abilities of children because to play it both sides of the brain are necessary.
  • Moves you like look big.
  • Go is not about winning through brilliant moves, it is about losing through bad moves.
  • Go uses the most elemental materials and concepts: line and circle, wood and stone, black and white, combining them with simple rules to generate subtle strategies and complex tactics that stagger the imagination.
  • A stone on the 3-3 point looks like it will fall off the board, so I don't feel like playing it.
  • Even if I thought for a million years I wouldn't understand it.
  • You're striving for harmony, and if you try to take too much, you'll come to grief.
    • Michael Redmond, the only Western Go player to reach 9-dan, the highest professional rank
Harmony and Balance are the essence of Go.
- Go Seigen (born 1914)
  • Harmony and Balance are the essence of Go.
  • Whether you win a game or lose it is a matter of fate at the time. What really counts is whether or not you played good moves.
  • Amateurs' Go comes from pleasure, professionals' Go comes from suffering.
  • If Chess is a battle then Go is war.
    • Anonymous
  • Go is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
    • Anonymous
  • The board is a mirror of the mind of the players as the moments pass. When a master studies the record of a game he can tell at what point greed overtook the pupil, when he became tired, when he fell into stupidity, and when the maid came by with tea.
    • Anonymous
  • One game, they said, and started to play. That was yesterday.
    • Anonymous