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Thanks, garbled quotations from Reni and more, tool[edit]

Awesome, hysterical, thanks!! You have many quotes still to add, from my rough garbled memory:

  • from Reni (easily the funniest IMO)
    • "Masculine in the front, feminine in the back."
    • "Music is life and we snort it until we O.D., again und again"
    • "At least in the 80s they could play their instruments and there were two ambiguously gay men beating a synthesizer who were up for a go"
    • "My movie 'Brats and Buns on the Bahnhof. Is good film, ja?"
    • "I was big in the German middlesex scene"
  • Michael Hunt
    • "I love giving Head...
      listeners a chance to win"
    • "People ask me 'Which do you prefer, the 'Cocks' or the 'Beavers'?' I go both ways babyyyy!"
    • "Great party last night, met a deaf girl. Mikey knows how to win the ladies. A little sign language and some roofies and I'm in"
    • "We built this city! We built this city on songs like this one" (parodying w:We Built This City lyrics)
  • banter between Cliff and Andee! on Lips 106
    • "Why do you hate boy bands" "Ooh, creep me out. No one wants to listen to boys. Give me some teen girls in tight sweaters" "I think Cliff needs to take a shower"
    • "Auditions for the new girl group I'm going to manage, 'Lost Innocence' I'm just rearranging something under the desk"
  • Panjit Gavaskar
    • "I feel like I visited Vice City in a past life. Or maybe it is in the future? I had some bad hummus"
    • "God that makes me fertile. I could bang a statue!"
  • and the insane Nurse Bob on LCFR.

So much awesome dialog, so little time. is an Audio Extraction Guide on Gamefaqs by Paul Rudoff that seems to explain how to extract the bits of dialog from the PS2 disk; might help you (or me) to confirm.

-- skierpage 23:39, 21 April 2007 (UTC)[reply]

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