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  • Currently, this page is seriously in need of cleanup. Just with a cursory inspection, i can tell that a lot of the quotes are presumably written from memory and thus have some similarity to what was said but are not an actual quote. Editing is definitely in need.. Also, the page is inconsistent in terms of whether the edited or unedited version of Gundam Wing is quoted (one quote mentions Kill and another mentions Destroy)-- 14:22, 2 August 2007 (UTC)

I added Heero's speech from (forget the episode number) when he goes to the colonies at school under Duo's name

feel free to clean it up if you want but I transcribed it right from the DVD punctuation and all.


I changed the words "humility" in Treize's section to "civility", as that is what he actually says on the series.

Thanks to everyone that put in stuff from the show. I'd like to see some Relena and Dorothy quotes, though, if you can find some interesting ones. -- 02:41, 31 March 2007 (UTC)

I own the series of Gundam Wing, as well as the Endless Waltz movie. I watch the series over again and fix any errors or add anything that seems fit. I'll also arrange the quotes in the order of episode since having some quotes from late in the series come before ones that are said early on seem to feel odd.

Edit 6/10/08: I finally got around to watching the series again. I added episodes that quotes were in, fixed the name to wikipedia links, added a few quotes. I wasn't able to get all but might be able to get the rest later.


Random note from person who can't use wikipedia: I'm pretty sure Ninmu Ryoukai is more accurately translated as "Roger Mission". I won't change anything though