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Guy Faswkes did not say: "Desparate times, or diseases require desparate remedy" This is almost always miss quoted. Searching the only two primary records of the plot- The Kings Book (James I) And The Trials of the Conspirators the only statement that comes even close is:

". I wondred at the strangeness of the conceipt, and told him, That true it was, this strake at the Root, and would breed a confusion fit to beget new alterations; But if it should not take effect (as most of this nature miscarried) the Scandal would be so great which Catholique Religion might hereby sustain, as not only our Enemies, but our Friends also would with good reason condemn us. He told me, The nature of the disease required so sharp a remedy, and asked me if I would give my consent. I told him, yes, in this or what else soever, if he resolved upon it, I would venture my life"

-Thomas Winter's Confession cited in: The Kings Book (The Gun Powder Plot- The King's Book THE Gunpowder-Treason: With a Discourse of the Manner of its Discovery; AND A PERFECT RELATION OF THE Proceedings against those horrid Conspirators; Wherein is Contained their Examinations, Tryals, and Condemnations: LIKEWISE KING IAMES's SPEECH To Both Houses of PARLIAMENT, On that Occasion; Now Re-printed. A Preface touching that Horrid Conspiracy, By the Right Reverend Father in God, Thomas Lord Bishop of Lincoln. And by way of APPENDIX, Several Papers or Letters of Sir Everard Digby, Chiefly relating to the Gunpowder-Plot, Never before Printed. London, Printed by Tho. Newcomb, and H. Hills, and are to be Sold by Walter Kettilby, at the Bishops Head in St. Pauls Churchyard. 1679. Transcription found here:

Winter is citing the ringleader of the plot Robert Catesby