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I spent some time editing this. There needs to be consistency when using certain terms. For instance, they're not "Aliens" they're the Covenant. Also, only use the term Covenent if it only applies to the Covenent, use "enemy" if it is used more generally. Perhaps there should also be a more specific section for Sgt. Johnson quotes and not solely for all marines. 05:27, 25 August 2007 (UTC)[reply]


Some of this HAS to be vandalism, in all the time I've played the games and read this books, I've never encountered some of these quotes, some just sound stupid and do not match the personality of the characters. Most of my problems are in the Elites section, site sources.


A few things i havent heard before, could just be me "Well Arbiter, I... I... I think you're cute too" (If the player stares at a fellow Elite)

I have heard this, but only 1 time. we've tried to get the elite to say this again, but have had no success.

Also, it says a marine says something about "I bet you taste like chicken" when the actual quote is (by pete stacker or something) "Hey, i heard you fellas taste...just like chicken"

Also, do the sanghelli refer to themselves as elites, or is that fake?

They refer to themselves as elites in the cinematics, so as not to confuse anyone playing the game. But in the books, they call themselves the Sangheili, and seem to despise the human word, "Elite".

I think when Cortana stays behind on High Charity she says "Now make a girl a promise...even if you know you can't keep it" and not "Don't make a girl a promise... if you know you can't keep it

Should we add Marines saying "I hear their main weakness is bananas. Do we have any bananas?" I hear it quite a lot. Thermorules123 20:07, 7 February 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Final quotes[edit]


Should quotes such as "Send me out with a bang" and "Then you must be silenced" be included? Frankly, those are some of the coolest. The former, however, does reveal a lot about Halo 3, in a way, but the latter is probably acceptable.

Take off your mask[edit]

"Take off your mask, you can't be that ugly!" (To the Master Chief) Its not said to the master chief, its said to a grunt (Or a jackal/brute in halo 3)

Cortana's messages[edit]

Should Cortana's messages from halo 3 be included? Like "Could you sacrifice me to complete your mission?" etc etc? --Darthkillyou 03:15, 16 October 2007 (UTC)[reply]

Strange Quotes[edit]

I think I may have heard a Brute from Halo 3 say, "No inappropriate touching!" Has anyone else heard this?

Yes I have, It was in the part were you need to fight the cheiftain in crows nest, Right before the "grunt birthday skull" what happens is when you are in cover and you have 3 brutes left one of them will say " I'm going to get him , You two stay here! No innapropriate touching!" I laughed very hard

A Quote from Halo 2[edit]

This one time, I was playing the last mission, on legendary of course, Tartarus cursed at me... Then I thought "Naw... They didn't..." with a big grin. Hopefully, there are others who experienced the same... Encounter, shall I say?

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Heading text[edit]