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[Please note: The Wikiquote page is the work of earlier editors, who claimed that it is "Sourced." But some of the sources given cannot be verified. For the time being, I have removed the following quotations until one can provide actually reliable and verifiable sources for them.]

There are emergency plans for America to take over this country.

—Harold Pinter in the London The Independent, 1988.

There is no verifiable or verified reliable source given to document this particular quotation. (It is widely quoted elsewhere from this and other unverified accounts.)

Pinter may have said it, but there needs to be one or more Wikipedia:Reliable sources to document precisely when and to whom. Author (if any), title of article, and exact date of newspaper required for verification. Wikis are the only source found for this so far. Lexis-Nexis does not turn up anything either. This is a quotation of secondary and tertiary sources without a reliable primary source to verify it. Google search only refers to sources quoting Wikiquote and other actually unsourced accounts. An origin of the quotation (without specific source given to verify its accuracy) is perhaps Front Page Magazine. If verified through an actual reliable source, with proper citation information given, the fuller version of this quotation may be restored.--NYScholar 20:17, 30 July 2006 (UTC)

Same pertains to the following: Pinter did say it but the source given does not provide a verifiable reliable source for authentication. Will restore when can provide such a source:

I believe the United States is a truly monstrous force in the world.

—Harold Pinter in 1993. Quoted in FrontPage magazine 19 Oct. 2005.

These quotations from Front Page Magazine are perhaps dependent on articles in Wikis. They need proper reliable sources if they are to be called "sourced."--NYScholar 20:28, 30 July 2006 (UTC)