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  • The school I went to in the north was a school where more than half the children in my class never had any boots or shoes to their feet. They wore clogs, because they lasted longer than shoes of comparable price.
    • Speech in Birmingham, July 1948. The second sentence was largely forgotten.
  • A week is a long time in politics.
    • Probably first said during a lobby briefing in late 1964.
  • We've got a job to do. We can only do that job as one people, and I'm going right in to start that job now.
    • Remarks to the press outside 10 Downing Street on being appointed Prime Minister, March 4, 1974.
  • The boldest experiment in civilised government that Britain has ever seen.
    • Speech on the Social Contract in Cardigan (September 28, 1974).
  • I have always said this of Tony: he immatures with age.
    • Said in 1981.