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  • Hook me up with a great photographer, a clever stylist and an expert retoucher, and together we create a beautiful illusion.
  • I think the most important thing is to find the love of your life and have fun in love. And enjoy and appreciate what comes to you.
  • I don't have my name on anything that I don't really do.
  • I find actually that most guys are intimidated. And I don't understand why, because I don't think I'm a very cold person.
  • I never went to a modeling school, and I don't suggest to anybody that they go to a modeling school.
  • I represent more the healthy, happy, curvy, strong woman. And that sounds much healthier to me than being 80 pounds and skinny as a bean.
  • You should spend your money on some nice lingerie. Big wool cotton pants, that just doesn't work. You have to feel sexy.