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Shouldn't all the Ibsen quotes be compiled in this page. As of now, severeal stubs have their own (unnecessary) pages. I also removed two quotes 'attributed' to Ibsen that were actual Ibsen lines quoted elsewhere in Wikiquote.Asav 06:27, 27 June 2006 (UTC)


Published sources should be provided before moving these back into the article
  • The future cannot come, for when it comes it's already past.

A line from so many movies ...[edit]

... should fit in here:
The Pretenders
Skule: ..... I must have some one about me
that will obey me without having a will of his own,
that will believe unfalteringly in me. That will cleave
utterly to me in good fortune and bad, that will only
live to shed light and warmth upon my life, that will
die if I fall. Give me your counsel, bard Jatgeir !

Jatgeir: Buy yourself a dog, my liege.

T 05:06, 22 January 2020 (UTC)

Personally, I'm a known wikilayout-wrecker, so I won't touch it, but I'd be super grateful if someone could pop this one in.
The Pretenders (Kongs-Emnerne)
Johan Dahls Forlag Christiania 1864 (p. 152 pp) TiA, T