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I replaced a "the" by a "there" (If the is no -> If there is no). If someone can find a proper version or translation of the quote please do so

  • "The south also exists... the future of the north depends on the south. If we don't make that better world possible, if we fail, and through the rifles of the U.S. Marines, and through Mr. Bush's murderous bombs, if there is no coincidence and organization necessary in the south to resist the offensive of neo-imperialism, and the Bush doctrine is imposed upon the world, the world will be destroyed."

As something doesn't sound right.

--A Sunshade Lust 16:47, 4 January 2006 (UTC)

This is probably about "if they don't coincide and organize" (both needed) referring to the people of the south.


  • This ambition to accumulate money and wealth is one of the causes of the downfall of humanity.

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Someone of you should get into him, he has been always a active politician.