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Removed quotes[edit]

I removed these quotes as I found them non-notable:

  • In the west, our understanding of Indian philosophical schools ... has been colored by our own history. The default model for the relationship between these schools is often unwittingly based on models derived from Western religious history: the hostilities between the three religions of the Book, the modern relationship of the various Christian denominations, or even the relation between orthodox and heterodox sects in early Christianity.
    • Andrew Nicholson, quoted in: Rajiv Malhotra: Indra's Net, p 169, 1st ed.
  • The link between this new physics and dharma has been noted since the discovery of quantum mechnics by Heisenberg and Schrodinger (both Nobel Laureates in physics). Each of these pioneers cited the Upanishads as the only source of philosophy known to them that was consistent with the paradoxical nature of reality according to quantum mechanics.
    • Rajiv Malhotra, Indra's Net, p. 252, 1st ed.
  • The study of Japanese thought is the study of Indian thought.
    • D.T. Suzuki, quoted in "Western Admirers of Ramakrishna and His Disciples" by Gopal Stavig, p. 834

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