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Introduction edits[edit]

Anticipating complaints about the edits I've made to the introduction to this quote article, I am listing the original text here and citing exactly what changes I made.

Science Quotes and Intelligent Design

Many today have turned to ID or intelligent design to explain the unexplainable. Rational minds have delve into the depths of science and have realized that life could not have happened by chance. Creationism is another form of explanation for how the world came about. It explains that there must have been a supreme intelligence that started this world.

Science has opened a world unknown to the naked eye. Many scientists have noted that mankind has the unique ability to discover everything from black holes to atoms. The world came equipped with all the necessary tools for humanity to discover the many layers of the universe. Below are quotes from some of the many scientists who have observed Intelligent Design and or Creationism in our world.

I made the following changes:

  • Removed the self-contradicting phrase "explain the unexplainable".
  • Removed quite a bit of dreamy prose that provides no clear definition of what ID is.
  • Changed the disconnected reference to Creationism to a connection to ID; namely, that the latter is a generalized form that is not explicitly tied to any particular religion, permitting a non-religious, philosophical approach. (None of this need to be discussed at length in the intro to a quote article, but should be found on Wikipedia for interested readers.)
  • Removed unnecessary attempts to argue from authority in the intro, including the superfluous "Science Quotes" subheading. As with any other Wikiquote article, quotes should speak for themselves, and the quotees provide their own authority directly through attribution and WP links.

Jeff Q (talk) 06:17, 27 July 2005 (UTC)