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  • Mogli e buoi dei paesi tuoi.
    • Translation: "Wives and oxen are to be chosen from your own country."

Quoted in 2010 legal document[edit]

Dives indigent curias pauper. "The rich need poor courts."


i beleive was first quoted in legal document around 2010, jdh, in USA FDC#4

It's point is to state in a very few words a great many warnings in achieving court equity equally for all which law, since the first Roman written laws, is intended to do. (modernly meaning - rich politicals cannot get away with anything unless the courts local to them are enabling them to do so, because the complaints are continual the challenges would fall in favor of equity; they will not if the justice has been tainted to favor certain parties)

(not dissimilar to "the laws they sleep, but never die" but much more directly instructive about causes of lapses in law)

(please excuse the translation to latin if incorrect, it is intended to be in latin though, gratias tibi)