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  • What if I am only justifying myself unconsciously with these words and they are silly excuses to be an asshole?
  • If society punishes its members by death and imprisonment, why is anyone surprised when a member of society punishes his enemies with "death and imprisonment"?
  • Flesh and blood is much, much stronger than fools believe.
  • Machines can calculate. Therefore, calculation is the lowest form of intelligence.
  • So you see, the bullfight is by no means a sport. The matador does not even see it this way, unless he is confused as to what he is doing. A bullfighter pursues it as an art form, almost the way a professional actor pursues drama.
  • The qualities that are brought out in the bull--bravery, respect (at bottom, honor), intelligence (animal cunning heightened in combat with an intelligent adversary,) and more--these qualities are emulated by the human male. So the matador is in a sense fighting another man to death. It is a surrogate matador conflict.
  • When the matador brings the bull to its highest grandeur, the animal becomes ideally ennobled, and in a moment of truth--because ideally at that juncture the matador and the bull become equal--the matador pierces its heart.
  • ...There was once a form of prison discipline called the starvation diet. You were thrown in the hole and fed once a day just barely enough to give you the minimum nourishment to exist: to exist in the hole, not to exist the way the average man does.
  • ...No one has ever come out of prison a better man.
  • Prisoners do not learn how to commit crimes from other prisoners.
  • It is routine to see guards make sure prisoners who have vowed to kill one another are forced into a cell together.
  • A revolution is the most liberating experience, the most glorifying experience anyone can ever have. It is a time when a new world is coming into existence, when men and women carry their own destinies in their hands.
  • I think this country has an excessive number of people who take pride--openly or secretly--in the fact that their government is so inhumane, so evil; take pride in the fact that their government so thoroughly crushes men they consider "enemies" ("public enemies").
  • Society, which has never in reality accepted blacks as equals, gives them "equality" only in prison, where they immediately exploit that equality to get back in prison what society outside prison deprives them of: power.
  • It is the only time and place in this country most non-whites can redeem the promise of their childhoods, namely, to be men.
  • When blacks call one another "nigger," they have accepted that they are inferior as human beings. It is the same way homosexuals call one another "bitches"--they have accepted that they are inferior as men.