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  • I visualize things in my mind before I have to do them. It's like having a mental workshop
  • There are no opportune times for a penalty, and this is not one of those times.
  • I thought it would be much, much higher with all the talented players this state has produced. I would hope that number would grow quickly.
  • All I can think is that the population wasn't there until recently. I would have to think that number will grow quickly.
  • It's unbelievable how many things I've learned from Merlin Olsen.
  • Merlin really taught me how to concentrate, that you play each play as if it were the only play. And if you put all the plays together like that, then you'll come out on top.
  • But this was my chance to go to the Super Bowl. Nothing was going to stop me.(said while playing with a broken bone in his leg)
  • Deacon Jones has been the most inspirational person in my football career.

About Jack Younblood (unsourced)[edit]

  • Jack Youngblood was a terror. He had a lot of heart; he played hard, he played tough, and he was as quick as a hiccup. He was on the small side but he had great pass rush moves, just a hellacious player.
    • Hall of Fame tackle Art Shell