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I knew it was Hetfield singing that song in SP: BL&U. No one has a voice quite like Het.


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  • It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. And, And then it's just, uh, fun you can't see.
    • Basketball session with fans, 1996
    • Variant: It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Then it's fun and games;you can't see anymore.
  • The first time I played sober was because I just forgot to drink. 'Damn' I thought...'I'm playing better'
  • “I remember this guy lit my couch on fire a couple of times.” --About Cliff Burton
  • “We heard this wild solo going on and thought, ‘I don’t see any guitar player up there.’ It turned out it was the bass player, Cliff, with a wah wah pedal and this mop of hair. He didn’t care whether people were there. He was looking down at his bass playing.”
  • “Knowing Cliff’s attitude, he’d kick our butts if we quit.” --on continuing after Cliff’s death
  • “I saw the bus lying right on him. I saw his legs sticking out. I freaked. The bus driver, I recall, was trying to yank the blanket out from under him to use for other people. I just went, ‘Don’t fucking do that!’ I already wanted to kill the guy. I don’t know if he was drunk or if he hit some ice. All I knew was, he was driving and Cliff wasn’t alive anymore.” -- about Cliff's death
  • “He was a wild, hippie-ish, acid-taking, bell-bottom-wearing guy. He meant business, and you couldn’t fuck around with him. I wanted to get that respect that he had. We gave him shit about his bell-bottoms every day. He didn’t care. “This is what I wear. Fuck you.” He loved music. He was really intellectual but very to the point. He taught me a lot about attitude.” -- about Cliff Burton
  • “People probably thought, ‘Oh, they're not going to do the heavy lyrics now because of what happened.’ Man, those lyrics mean a lot more to me now.”
  • “Cliff’s taken classes in school on music theory, things like mixing harmonies together. I think he took a junior college course.”-- 1986
  • "One time we were playing at O2 Arena and I was bitten by a fucking zombie" - James Hetfield on England
  • "One time we saw some hookers, but when we got closer, we realised it was Mötley Crüe."
  • "Tonight we've changed the song's name to 'Of Wolfgang and Man...' I don't get it!" James Hetfield on the S&M version of 'Of Wolf and Man'
  • Told ya to not fuck around! (after shooting at a tin can with a shotgun)