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  • History is written by the rich, and so the poor get blamed for everything.
  • ...four very powerful corporate lobbies have repeatedly come out on top and turned our democracy into what might more accurately be called a corporatocracy.”
    • Building the New American Economy: Smart, Fair, and Sustainable," w:Good Reads, [2]
  • Here is my recommendation for President Trump and the new Congress. Turn immediately to our glorious national institutions, the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, for a report to the nation on the key areas for science and technology investments in the coming generation. Ask them to recommend an organizational strategy for a science-based scaling up of national and global R&D efforts. Call on America’s research universities to add their own brainstorming to the work of the national academies. Later in 2017, the president and Congress should then meet in a joint session of Congress to set forth a new technology vision for the nation and an R&D strategy to achieve it.”
    • "Building the New American Economy: Smart, Fair, and Sustainable," w:Good Reads, [3]
  • I deleted this quote - marked as unsourced: the only one of those that i posted:
  • The vast differences in power contributed to faulty social theories of these differences that are still with us today. When a society is economically dominant, it is easy for its members to assume that such dominance reflects a deeper superiority--whether religious, racial, genetic, cultural, or institutional--rather than an accident of timing or geography. The End of Poverty" The End of Poverty, 2005 Om777om (talk) 00:12, 11 December 2018 (UTC)