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As I see it there is no issue with neutrality in this article. This is what the man said. If there happen to be more quotes which make Howard look bad than quotes that make him look good it is up to users with the neutrality problem to rectify it. Addiding some more quotes would be helpful. At very least explaining the resons for doubting the neutrality would be appropriate.


I am removing the NPOV on this article as after 1 month no reasons for the NPOV have been cited (RE: Request on 6th Dec, 2005). Richardmilgate 09:41, 4 January 2006 (UTC)Richard Milgate


Wikiquote no longer allows unsourced quotations, and they are in process of being removed from our pages (see Wikiquote:Limits on quotations); but if you can provide a reliable, precise and verifiable source for any quote on this list please move it to John Howard. --Antiquary 15:00, 22 August 2009 (UTC)

  • My guarantee is my record.
    • Standard response to questions regarding guarantees in Parliament.
  • To me, multiculturalism suggests that we can't make up our minds who we are or what we believe in.
  • I don't think it is wrong, racist, immoral or anything, for a country to say 'we will decide what the cultural identity and the cultural destiny of this country will be and nobody else'.
  • You can't fatten the pig on market day.
  • The central goal is to address the cancer of passive welfare and to create opportunity through education, employment and home ownership.
  • If I am wrong and you are right then the democratic process of the Australian community will vindicate you and condemn me.
  • I have absolutely no difficulty myself with the playing of God Save the Queen in the presence of Her Majesty.
  • Terrorists oppose nations such as the United States and Australia not because of what we have done but because of who we are and because of the values that we hold in common.
  • I'm going to the football this weekend. I think it's almost sacrilegious to call an election while there are a couple of football Grand Finals on. I don't think the Australian people would thank me for that.
  • I don't think it is wrong, racist, immoral or anything, for a country to say 'we will decide what the cultural identity and the cultural destiny of this country will be and nobody else'.
    • Commenting on the 'One Australia' policy.
  • We are not a federation of tribes. We are one great tribe; one Australia.
    • October 16th, 2007
  • John Howard: No, there's no way that a GST will ever be part of our policy.
    Journalist: Never ever?
    John Howard: Never ever. It's dead. It was killed by the voters in the last election.
    • Interview, Tweed Heads Civic Centre (2 May 1995)
  • Journalist: Do you see yourself as having another chance at the leadership at some future time?
    John Howard: Oh, that'd be Lazarus with a triple bypass.
    • Press conference, 9th of May 1989, after losing the Liberal Party leadership.
  • I believed then, and I believe now, that if this country is to live up to its full potential and its highest ideals we must turn this around.
    • Speech at Australian National History Summit 2008.
  • We decide who comes into this country, and the circumstances in which they come.
    • Speech used in advertising material by the Liberal Party in the 2001 Federal election.
  • You can not legislate morality.
    • Speech in respect to restricting recently resigned government Ministers getting jobs in industries of their recent portfolio (10 August 2004)
  • I don't care what New South Wales water or Victorian water, that's rubbish, they're all Australian Water
    • Commenting the State governments' unwillingness to share water interstately.
  • Australia does not need a new leadership, it does not need an old leadership, it needs the right leadership
    • When asked about he opinion on what leadership the country need on news, 2007.
  • My daughter said sorry she couldn't come because she has to go to a wedding.
    • At the News Press after his defeat in the 2007 election campaign.

About John Howard (unsourced)[edit]

  • They tell me Australia and Texas have got a lot in common. Having watched this man perform I agree. The biggest compliment you can pay to somebody, at least in this part of the country, is you're kinda like a Texan.
  • The little dessicated coconut...
  • Take a very committed funeral home director. Then halve his personality, and halve it again, and you have pretty well got John Howard.