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John Keats collection of "quotes" are actually works by him[edit]

This article of quotes by John Keats are already in a link given in the article to WikiSource, which has most of his works. Isn't this redundant and unnecessary?

Redundant and unnecessary? Welcome to wikiquote. On that topic, why the fuck are there unrelated images attached to quotes, especially when the quotes are already on this page? I've noticed this pretentious shit on other pages too. I would ask they be removed, as they are pointless, useless, and indulgent, but I'm sure you fucking cunts will find a way to justify it, or just ignore me, because I'm not a wikifag. I can understand the pictures actually of Keats, his grave, but these other random ones? 10:25, 8 October 2009 (UTC)Reply[reply]