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Surely there must be some good Bugle quotes?! It's not as hard to go back through past episodes with a podcast as it is with a Live TV programme. -- 15:04, 6 October 2009 (UTC)


  • John Oliver: If a man is beaten to the floor in a soundproof chamber, does he make a sound?
  • Jon Stewart: Are we suggesting that any interrogation technique, then, could be allowed under the President's discretion under the right circumstances?
John Oliver: What, d'ya mean like, um, affixing a leech to a man's eyeball? Or, um, forcing him to drink horse semen, you know? Would those be torture?
Jon Stewart: [very long pause] I...yes, that would be tor...
John Oliver: WRONG JON! They are scenes from the number one movie in America, Jackass Number 2!
  • John Oliver: A man puts hot coals on your feet.You move to confess but they have cut out your tongue. As the blood fills your mouth you wonder who, if anyone will be playing the part of the good cop.
  • John Oliver: Iran, we will fuck you up. Crumpets?
    • In Response to the Iran Hostage Crisis 2007