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These should be provided with sources before being moved back into the article.
  • O, marvelous power of the Divine seed, which overpowers the strong man armed, softens obdurate hearts, and changes into divine men those who were brutalized in sin, and removed to an infinite distance from God.
  • Our clerics neither evangelize like the apostles, nor go to war like the secular lords, nor toil like laborers.
  • The higher the hill, the stronger the wind: so the loftier the life, the stronger the enemy's temptations.


  • Preaching the Gospel exceeds prayer and administration of the sacraments to an infinite degree.

Misatributed quote


I dont know how the site should be edited, so i put this information here for someone to include in the artice, since i think it is relevant

The following quote seems to be (at least) disputed:

   This Bible is for the Government of the People, by the People, and for the People.
       General Prologue to the Bible translation of 1384, as quoted in Lincoln at Gettysburg : An Address (1906) by Clark Ezra Carr, p. 75;

I have checked it extensivly and cam up with this piece of information.

and this as referenced in the text above (p. 16)