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I'm new to Wikiquote, so I've tried to put together a decent article based on what I've seen. Feel free to add/correct, please just put a comment here regarding any changes. After the "cleanup" stub showed up, I did go in and clean it up as best I could without help. Danke schon, Danypo 17:44, 30 January 2006 (UTC)

Song lyrics?[edit]

I'm also new to Wikiquote, but I think that a singer's song lyrics should not be considered quotes. I think that these should be removed. Anyone else agree?~ mrt


Concert Quotes[edit]

  • "To me, that sounded like "monkey tree xanadu!"

---From the Denver show, in response to several people yelling things at him at once.

  • "I love you guys." - Josh

"We love you more!!" "Well, we could go back and forth on this all night!" - Josh ---From the Denver show

  • "Are you guys hot?" - Josh

"YES!" (In a deep, sexy voice) "And I know why..." - Josh
---From the Philadelphia show, where the theater was very hot and muggy

  • "These props are kicking my butt..."

---From the Providence show, after backing into a mic stand

  • "I feel goofy tonight. I had a pixie stick before the show."

---From the Columbus show

  • "So don't go around dumping people. That's the moral of that story."

---From the Columbus show, after singing "Broken Vow"

  • "I rock your face off? I rock your face off. I rocked someone's face off at the Grand Ole Opry. Check that off my list."

---From the Nashville show, after a fan yelled "Josh, you rock my face off!"

  • "Yeah, it's hard to sing sad songs when there's so much love"

---From the Syracuse show after having fans yell "I love you Josh!"

  • "I love you all...I love you all very much!!"

---From Radio City Music Hall in NYC

  • "I love you more than you could ever know...I could just GAG I love you so much."

---From the summer tour show in Houston

  • "You rock my socks too!"

---From the Grand Rapids show in MI after having fans yell "Josh, you rock my socks!"

  • "I like my Guinness like I like my women - bitter and cold."

---From the "Awake" tour show in 'The Point Theatre', Dublin (30-05-07), in response to a fan handing him a Guinness t-shirt.

  • "...Bananas!"

---From show in 'The Point Theatre', in response to fans screaming after his every word.