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  • Never heckle Joshua Michael Homme III.
  • Trouble’s a mangy stray dog… play with it once, and it follows you home.
  • That was so much magic that we almost disappeared into a hat.
  • If I drank that much coffee, I would cry decaf.
  • Plaid is my favorite color.
  • I’ll give you a night you’ll never remember.
  • If given the choice to be the shepherd or the sheep… be the wolf.
  • Hey, she’s alright! What, is it illegal to have a short girl sit on someone’s shoulder at a rock show? What am I, at my fuckin grandma’s house? Next there’ll be no drinking, no applauding, no having fun.
  • If you’re trying to do something different, you can’t ask someone to help, because they’ll want to make it not different.


-Interviewer: What's with the pirate ship fascination? -Josh Homme: Well, frankly, rock and roll bands are like modern day pirates. They go from town to town, taking and giving whatever they can. -Interviewer: So you're like the modern day Blackbeard? -Josh Homme: That's right. Redbeard.

-Interviewer: Does anyone ever call you Joshua? -Josh Homme: That's what I prefer to be called; that's what my close friends and my wife call me. I realize that most people don't have a lot of free time so the "ua" becomes very difficult, but my name is Joshua.