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  • Modeling isn't all that tough.
  • Part of the challenge of Most Wanted is trying to become the most notorious street racer on the pavement.
  • The roughest part of that [model] lifestyle is the travel and early mornings.
  • Working on Most Wanted has been a great experience. If they'll have me back, I'd be happy to get with more games.
  • Performing for a game involves real acting. The way they create a game is very similar now to how they create a film. I've always wanted to stretch my acting skills, and the timing being what it is, I couldn't say no.
  • For this game, we shot it just like it as if it was a film so there wasn't that much different from doing a film other than some technical things for the costume that had to be done so they could transfer the footage later and make it look animated.
    • About the game, Van Helsing