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  • People who do not supervise the purity of their own race...will perish.
  • The Jews are a race and not a religion. My goal was not to persecute the Jews but to enlighten Gentiles to put them on guard.
  • I know more about the Jews than the Jews do themselves. I've known all along you are Jewish by your voice. At first I wasn't sure. But then one of the others told me. Then I listened and I could tell by your voice.
    • To Dr. Gustave Mark Gilbert, while Leon Goldensohn listens, January 24, 1946
  • When a Negro soldier on the Rhine misuses a German girl, she is lost to the race.
    • 1923 article

Uncourced quotes about Streicher[edit]

  • I also never read a work of Streicher or of that stupid journal Der Stürmer. I saw only one page of it and that sufficed. That paper was forbidden in my house. The whole administrative district here in Nuremberg was terrible under Streicher and I finally succeeded in dissolving it. The Göring Commission here in Nuremberg which investigated Streicher's activities was famous. Streicher was not a normal man.
  • For example, take Streicher, he is often classified with me because he was a journalist and propagandist. I always thought him very dumb and a sexual pervert. Therefore, I denounced Der Stürmer in public, although never on the radio, but frequently before classes of 200 to 250 journalists in the political propaganda courses which I gave at the university. I can state this quite frankly. In my defense, I want to touch the story of my relationship to Streicher with only a single sentence. On two occasions I attempted to prohibit Der Stürmer because of pornography. Regarding The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, I thought that to be a stupid invention. Those are the only things that I will bring out in my defense in that regard. I think that in former years Streicher was a very cruel man, because I had several experiences with journalists who had been whipped by Streicher here in Nuremberg. They had been placed in concentration camps and I was able to liberate them only through the help of Hess at that time. I also believe that there was more than a little truth to the charges of embezzlement which were rumored at that time. Today I think a trifle better of him. I think he is mainly stupid. The crime does not lie in him but in the man who gave him power - the Führer. I think that Streicher's mind is slow but that he has a certain natural strength which causes him to be a fanatic. This type of dumb individual can often be used for fanatical purposes.
  • Streicher, let me give you some advice. I work in a Jewish bank. I have learned to be silent at times when my German heart gladly would have spoke. The Jews are few in number but great in the economic and political power they have achieved, and their power is dangerous. You, my dear Streicher, are still young and cocky, and don't mince words. But never forget what I am telling you: the Jews have great power, and that power is dangerous, very dangerous.
    • Bank Employee, to Streicher, in 1912
  • A Gauleiter of Franconia whose occupation was to pour forth filthy writings about the Jews, but who had no idea that anybody would read them.
  • Streicher, the venomous vulgarian, manufactured and distributed obscene racial libels, which incited the populace to accept and assist the progressively savage operations of "race purification."
    • Robert H. Jackson