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  • Bristol, Connecticut! (When asked by Craig Kilborn "What is the most godforsaken place on the east coast?")
    • Interview on The Daily Show, ca. 1995. (Bristol is the headquarters of ESPN.)
  • I'm very flattered, and, c'mon — a guy whose face is on half the unmoving objects in the country making fun of same — is that not consistently countercultural enough for you?
  • Seriously, I'm very flattered. Go looking for Bill Hicks stuff if you want some REAL thinking, though. -8/12/99
  • You can't stop Mike Peca — you can only hope to hold him. — From ESPN , c 1996.
  • 'She's a fricken man! Have you even seen her adam's apple?!" - On Ann Coulter.
  • NBC's continuing coverage continues — that's why we use that word — just after this. - While covering Democratic primaries (2008-06-03
  • Honestly, if you were Ann Coulter's lawyer at a sanity hearing, where would you start?
  • (On Ann Coulter) Imagine trying to defend her soul on Judgement day. Or finding it, for that matter.

Catch Phrases[edit]

We are forever indebted to the source that informs us the ubiquitous monosyllable "No" was actually invented by Mr. Olbermann, which probably makes him the most widely quoted person in all history. Someone should write, with all due haste, to the editors of the many dictionaries that contain erroneous etymologies for this new word, especially to the ones that had the impertinence to publish it before Mr. Olbermann had invented it!

But seriously, based on considerations at Wikiquote:Quotability#Length of the quote, I seriously doubt that anything in the newly added "Catch Phrases" section really belongs in a Wikiquote article. ~ Ningauble 18:53, 19 October 2010 (UTC)