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This film is a classic that deserves credit. The cast of creatures is amazing.


I edited this page a lot over the past couple days. The most accurate script I could find online is:, from which I based most of my corrections. This script still isn't 100% accurate to what is really said in the movie; hence, for certain quotes, I've disregarded the script in favor of what I know to be the actual line. In the cases where I am uncertain of the exact line, I have left the quote as is until I can double-check it. It is important to me that these lines (and song lyrics) be accurate. ~LET

I have watched this movie repeatedly for almost twenty years. As I have read through some of the quotes listed, I have added a word or two where needed. It's difficult to go directly from a script (as actors may change the line) or just from a film (as sometimes words are difficult to understand). When we were growing up, my friends and I thought the line "Slap that baby; make him free" was actually, "Slap that baby; make him pee." In the film, it is difficult to understand; but on the soundtrack, it is more easily understood. ---KMS