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As i began to learn about Laika it hurt my heart. It felt that the whole world was being crushed into pieces and full of regret. I never thought that a defenseless dog would actually die such a painful death. I feel ashamed of us humans. Dont we know better than to take over others because of there intelligance rate. This dog had nothing to do with this and i hope that with our expierences another event doesn't take place. As for me i dedicate my self to this day to start honoring Laika . Not for her launch into space but her sacrifice she made to uus idiotic humans. Especially NASA. I think that we would beter be off without NASA!!!!

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Umm, NASA didn't actually luunch the dog, that was a space project of the USSR; NASA launched Ham the Chimp, and other monkeys. In all, 5 nations have launced animals in space, as part of their space research programs. ~ Rumour 00:58, 8 April 2006 (UTC)Reply