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  • The art of writing has truly got a power to infect the readers.
  • Literature fortifies our feeling of solidarity.
  • Brazil has no citizens. It has an audience.
  • Football is a school of violence and brutality and it doesn't deserve any protection from the government, unless they want to give us lessons of murder.
  • Everything's got a limit and football doesn't share the privilege of something intelligent.
  • Only alcohol gives me pleasure and tempts me... Oh, God! What will be my destiny?
  • I had spent a whole month drinking. Night after night, declared or not. Eating few things and only God knows how I managed to sleep! I lived as a pig, dirty!
  • I'm nobody, my dear. I'm just a men who read and loved this great friend of the dammed!
    • Referring to alcohol
  • Oh, God! How I tried to get rid of alcohol!