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Linda certainly packs a punch when she puts her weight behind an issue. I must admit that when I see eye to eye with her, I'm pleased with her ability to develop one side of an issue. However not all is well with one sidedness.

The fabric of Canadian society is being torn into two opposing camps due to the current Israeli/Hezbollah crisis. During the early stages of the confrontation, Linda basically denounced Israel by claiming that the Israeli's were in effect shooting fish in a barrel. This metaphore is troubling. All metaphors are forms of summarization and this particular one creates the impression that Israel just decided to invade another country and gun down a bunch of folks for little more than sport. Such a conclusion could only come from someone who is indeed biased in favor of Hezbollah or truly ignorant of the causes of the current situation and the wider causes which have stressed this part of the world for the past forty years. Perhaps Linda has another reason for writing such slanted article and perhaps one day she'll write a better article which is based more on logic and reason and less on emotion.