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Incorrect link: this is for Plays and Musicals... but the Les Miserables link links to the book. The lyrics to the musical are obviously different. I don't know if those can be added to this site... are they copywrited? -Sasha-

Under fair use guidelines (which apply to nearly all quotations from modern works) I believe that small excerpts and passages from the libretto could be used under a page perhaps entitled Les Misérables (Musical) but we should avoid extensive passages, and certainly not include the entire lyrics of any song. Providing links to any official site as a further emphasis of the educational and fair use nature of the page, and developing a small official disclaimer for all modern lyrics and poems would probably also be a good idea. Something like "Any and all copyrights for all original works quoted by Wikiquote remain with the copyright holders. [ © YYYY by AUTHORS] All quotations of modern works are presented under fair use guidelines for review and other educational purposes." — Kalki 06:58, 28 Mar 2004 (UTC)

company incorrect link[edit]

this links to the theme of company and has nothing to do with the musical company