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  • Death is the same for the weak and for the strong, for the poor and for the rich.
  • There's nothing more solemn than truth. There's no greater grievance to a tomb than hypocrisy, or a greater tribute to death than truth.
  • We are at the beginning of a new decade. We should, of course, continue and accelerate the integral development of Puerto Rico in all its aspects. There is something, however, that merits our principal attention, our most devoted dedication, in these new times. We dedicated the decade that began in the year 1940 to the battle to abolish poverty. And to do so, we put aside the political status issue. In the beginning of the 1950s we put special energy in the creation of a new political status, vitally adapted to the economic necessities of Puerto Rico. In the decade we now begin I propose that we put special attention to the kind of civilization, the type of culture, how deep and good in quality of life the people of Puerto Rico want to create on the basis of the growing economic prosperity. Economic development is not an end in itself, but the basis for a good civilization. Political status is not an end in itself, but a means to economic realization and the development of a good civilzation.
  • I have broken the rainbow against my heart, I am God's pamphleteer... God's agitator. And I go with the mob of stars and hungry men toward the great dawn...- Excerpt from the poem "Panfleto" by Luis Munoz Marin