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Two things I wanted to make note of:

1. As the first and second seasons of Nanoha do have English dubs, I've been inclined to use the lines from the "official" English version of the show rather than rely on fansubs (or my own translation ability). Which is why I altered the quote in 2.10, Destiny, to correspond with the dialogue from the English dub.
2. Since I basically just reverted the second quote in 3.8, A Wish for the Pair, back to the version I originally posted, I felt I should post my justification for that decision and let future editors offer their opinions as they like. So here goes. That particular moment is indeed one of the more awesome moments in a series generally packed with them, and certainly deserves to be quoted. However, the action and interest in that scene after my cutoff point, "Why don't you cool your head a bit?" is essentially visual in nature: Nanoha and Tia both prepare large attack spells, Nanoha fires first and then again in a truly merciless beatdown. I felt it would be unnecessarily unwieldy to try to define the actions in "stage directions" which would not truly communicate the nature of the scene, and I felt the dialogue after that point was not interesting or quotable enough to be worth the attempt.

Which is why I posted the version that I originally offered, and why I changed it back to that version in my last edit. If I've made a mistake, please let me know. Counterpower 04:36, 28 April 2010 (UTC)