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  • Walk with the help of others but do not lose the strength in your legs. Other helps only when your legs are STRONG.
  • What is good? To remember or to forget? Try to forget that which creates tensions. You will be HAPPY.
  • You wish that everybody trust you. First observe how much you TRUST YOURSELF.
  • Do you understand the value of Patience? If you do, then make the right USE of waiting.
  • We are speaking. Have we thought Why? If it is worth speaking speak, otherwise observe SILENCE.
  • Do not look at the tree. Look at the seed. The magic of small seed is that the small becomw BIG.
  • One who reacts and refuses to act courts defeat.
  • Discipline is like fire; Only through practice one can endure its heat.
  • Circumstances gain strength in proportion to the loss of self-confidence.
  • The 'guru' and the disciple are united only when their selves are identical.
  • Love is so intensely pervasive that it leaves no room whatsoever for anything that may counter it.
  • Hindrance is caused when something gets abandoned, not when one abandons something.
  • Love for others binds, while love for one's self liberates.
  • Abandonment of 'mineness' results in its extension and extension of 'mineness' results in its abandonment.
  • Action helps to drive life and inaction helps to know the truth behind life.
  • Faith is the bridge between knowledge and conduct