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I edited the beginning portion which erroniously stated Mao Zedong was the founder and first leader of the CCP.

I have heard that before he became a communist, he once said, "This communism thing, it does not work." Can anyone confirm this or is it just an urban legend?

In "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." the "gun" in the original Chinese refers to "gun" in the sense of a small arm, so that tank picture shouldn't really be there... any GUN IS WEAPON!


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Mao on counter-revolutionary[edit]

  1. 很多地方畏首畏尾,不敢大張旗鼓地殺反革命. Translation: In many places, they(communist) dare not kill counter-revolutionary with waving flags and beating drums.
  2. 在農村,殺反革命,一般應超過人口比例千分之一……在城市一般應少於千分之一。 Translation: In rural areas, the number of counter-revolutionary to be killed, should be more than 0.1% of the town and cities, should be less than 0.1%.
  • 南京是一個50萬人口的大城市,國民黨的首都...南京殺人太少,應在南京多殺.
    • 毛澤東《對上海南京鎮反工作的指示》,1951年2月12日。

Translation: Nanjing is a big city of 500,000, the capital Kuomintang...the number of people executed in Nanjing is too low, more people should be killed in Nanjing. Source:Mao Zedong:Instruction on the suppression of counter-revolutionaries work carried out in Shanghai and Nanking. 1951.2.12

  • 必须认真研究,周密部署大杀几批,才能初步解决问题,天津准备今年一年内杀一千五百人,四月底以前先杀五百人,完成这个计划,我们就有了主动,我希望上海、南京、青岛、广州、武汉及其它大中城市都有一个几个月至今年年底的切实肃反计划,都能大杀几批……」
    • 毛泽东。中央转发北京市委镇反计划的批语(1951年2月25日)建国以来毛泽东文稿:第二册.

Translation: Serious research must be done, carefully plan to kill some large groups, then can solve some initial problems, Tianjing is planning to kill 1500 people within this year, kill 500 first before April, once this plan is accomplished, we have the upper hand, I hope Shanghai, Nanjing, Tsengdao, Kwangzhou, Wuhan plus other large and middle cities do have solid plans to kill some large groups of people. Source:Mao Zedong:Instruction on the suppression of counter-revolutionaries work carried out in Shanghai and Nanking. 1951.2.12


ENEMY advances WE retreat ENEMY halts WE harass ENEMY ties WE attack ENEMY retreats WE pursue

Some of these cite dates, but not a specific speech, publication or other source.

  • 军民团结如一人,试看天下谁能敌。
    • If the military and the peasantry unite as one, then none on this earth could possibly subvert them.
    • Excerpt from one of Mao Zedong's various works of poetry
  • 中国知识分子有几种。工程技术人员接受社会主义要好一些。学理科的其次。学文科的最差。【关于板田文章的谈话 1964、8、24】
    • There are different types of intellectuals in China. Engineers and technicians are more receptive to socialism. Scientists are next. Those who study liberal arts are the worst.
  • The cult of xenophobia is the cheapest and surest method of obtaining from the masses the ignorant and savage patriotism, which puts the blame for every political folly or social misfortune upon the foreigner.
    • somewhere in "Mao's Road to Power: Revolutionary Writings"
  • They say he [Shi Hwang Ti; the legendary "first emperor"] buried 400 scholars alive. We've buried 40,000. So please don't compare us to Shi Hwang Ti; we've outdone him a thousandfold.
    • Referring to the intellectuals purged in the Anti-Rightist Campaign (1958)
  • I don't have a broom long enough to get at Taiwan, and you don't have one long enough to get at Saigon.
    • Telling North Vietnamese premier Pham Van Dong about his doubts as to whether South Vietnam could be conquered. (1972)
  • It may take 1000 years to complete the transition to socialism. And when the day comes that it is finally achieved, there will still be capitalists around.
  • No one should think everything will be all right after one, or two, or three Cultural Revolutions, for socialist society occupies a considerably long historical period.
    • Addressing the 9th Party Congress on the need for another Cultural Revolution in a few years. (1969)
  • Don't let yourselves be mistaken. We haven't even begun to establish socialism in China. All we've done so far are change a few locations in Beijing.
    • Speaking to Nixon and Kissinger (1972)
  • My wife does not represent me, and her views are not my views.
    • Referring to his wife Jiang Qing, the head of the extremist "Gang of Four" (1974)

On Sino-Japanese War[edit]

Original Chinese txt:

毛澤東在一九三七年八月在陝北洛川會議上的講話摘要 “要冷靜,不要到前線去充當抗日英雄,要避開與日本的正面衝突,繞到日軍後方去打游擊,要想辦法擴充八路軍、建立抗日游擊根據地,要千方百計地積蓄和壯大我黨的武裝力量。對政府方面催促的開赴前線的命令,要以各種藉口予以推拖,只有在日軍大大殺傷國軍之後,我們才能坐收抗日成果,去奪取國民黨的政權。我們中國共產黨人一定要趁著國民黨與日本人拼命撕殺的天賜良機,一定要趁著日本佔領中國的大好時機全力壯大,發展自己,一定要抗日勝利後,打敗精疲力盡的國民黨,拿下整個中國。”<
>     “有的人認為我們應該多抗日,才愛國,但那愛的是蔣介石的國,我們中國共產黨人祖國是全世界共產黨人共同的祖國即蘇維埃(蘇聯)。我們共產黨人的方針是,要讓日本軍隊多佔地,形成蔣、日、我,三國志,這樣的形勢對我們才有利,最糟糕的情況不過是日本人佔領了全中國,到時候我也還可以藉助蘇聯的力量打回來嘛!”<
>    “為了發展壯大我黨的武裝力量,在戰後奪取全國政權。我們黨必須嚴格遵循的方針是“一分抗日,二分敷衍,七分發展,十分宣傳”。任何人,任何組織都不得違背這個總體方針。”

Mao's order to all party members of CCP: “ The aim is to develop the military power of the CCP, in order to stage a coup d'état. This main directive is to be strictly followed: "10% of energy on anti-Japanese, 20% of energy muddering along, 70% of energy is used to develop(political and military power). Anybody, any groups are not to oppose this paramount directive. ”

Another famous directive from Mao: Some people insisted, to show that we do love our nation, we should be more anti-Japanese, but then the nation belongs to Chiang Kai-sak, we communists, our mother-land is Soviet Union, the common mother-land of the world's communists. The aim of we communists, is to allow the Japanese to occupy more land, then a power triangle will be formed, which consisted of Chiang, Japanese and us, which is the ideal situation, the worst come to the worst, if ever Japanese occupy the whole of China, we would then still be able to fight back, with the help of the Soviet Union.

In 1972, when PRC and Japan established former diplomatic relationship, Mao Zedong met the then Japanese Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei, and said: Don't have to say sorry, you had contributed towards China, why? Because had Imperial Japan did not start the war of invasion, how could we communist became mighty powerful? How could we stage the coup d'état ? How could we defeat Chiang Kai Sak? How are we going to pay back you guys? No, we do not want your war reparations! (Translated from Tanaka Kakuei Biography, original in Japanese.)

Best defense[edit]

  • the only real defense is active defense

Mao on saying thank you to Japanese invasion[edit]

The original saying thank you to Japanese invasion was on Japanese, it was translated to Chinese. I am putting the Chinese translation here on talk page, then I shall translate some into English.

[史海钩沉] 毛泽东:会见日本社会党议员黑田寿男等人时的谈话全文(1961/1/24)



从该谈话可以看出1960年代日本的左派与中国的关系非常密切,有大量的所谓“亲中派”,这当然与毛泽东的“不必道歉”发言有直接关系。如果毛泽东非要日方先道歉后会谈,中日关系大概就是另外一回事了。不过现在的日本就很难找到黑田寿男、南乡三郎这样的 “铁杆亲中派”了。

另外从该谈话也可以看出日本对言论自由的容忍程度要比中国大得多。日本人竟然敢公开说出“将来日本变成中国的一个省就好了”,这样卖国卖到极点的话,也没有遇到什么麻烦。而中国人谁敢公开说“将来中国变成日本的一个省就好了”这样的极端卖国言论,非让愤怒的群众抽筋剥皮不可。这也可以让我们思考一下为什么中国人的言论自由里没有 “卖国言论”的自由。
























毛继续:第二,战争的结果使日本被美国占领,这点也有分析研究的必要。一个国家要觉醒,必须给这个国家一点外来压力。在日本,垄断资本压迫人民,他们的同盟美帝国主义也压迫人民,这就可以让日本人民更快地受教育。这个教育使日本人民明白必须选择一条出路:是沦为垄断资本和帝国主义的奴隶,还是起来反抗争取自由。我曾说过这样的话: “我不相信日本这样的伟大民族会长期被外国支配。”我们中国人民也是这样受教育过来的,我们有国内的敌人,也有国外的敌人,国外的敌人中包括日本军阀,他们是老师,教育了我们。


Mao's speech on welcoming Japanese politicians(24 Jan 1961):

Partial translation:In the past Japanese warlords had occupied a large part of China, because of that Chinese people had learned a lesson. Without Japan's invasion, Chinese people would not be awaken, neither colud they be united, in that case we(communists) would still stay in the mountains, let alone coming to Beijing to watch the opera. Precisely because of the Japanese Imperial Army, which had occupied a large part of China, making Chinese people no where to go, once they understood, they began taking up arm-struggle, resulting in the establish of many counter-Japanese military bases, thus creating favourable conditions for the coming war of liberation. Japanese capitalist and warlords have done a good deed for us(communist), if ever we need to say thank you, I would like to say Thank you to Japanese war lords.

















Arilang1234 03:30, 8 June 2009 (UTC)Reply

mao's death was chosen on purpose, his wife got him by turnin him in bed!~lol


Religion is poison[edit]

This quote "Religion is poison" has been attributed to Mao. Does anyone know of a source?

From the Dalai Lama's autobiography Freedom In Exile

A link:

A quote:

末了,毛澤東告訴達賴喇嘛: 「我很了解你。但宗教當然是毒藥。他有兩個缺點:危害人類和阻礙國家進步。

(Could somebody make this look pretty? I'm not sure how to do it.

Women hold up half the sky[edit]

"Women hold up half the sky" is frequently mentioned as having been a declaration of Mao. (see Wikipedia:Half the sky)

An Anatomy of Chinese: Rhythm, Metaphor, Politics by Perry Link notes that it should actually be "Women can hold up half the sky", Funü neng ding banbiantian 妇女能顶半边天, and says that it was said "apparently in 1968." Haven't found any contemporary source, though it appears that the phrase was used in the early 1970s - for instance, 1975 publication from Beijing.--Larrybob (talk) 20:12, 18 September 2015 (UTC)Reply