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Great fucker[edit]

I have two on-line sources, and (obviously inadmissible as a source) a recollection of a friend describing, IIRC first hand, the broadcast version.

  1. "Chronicles - 1977" on The Sophia Loren Archives - Her life, career, and passion quotes him
    To be a Latin lover, you must be first of all a great fucker
    It also IDs the occasion as the PBS Dick Cavett Show, apparently broadcast on October 10 and November 4 (AFAIK perhaps in 2 parts), states SL & MM were in New York promoting Una giornata particolare in September.
  2. "Detailed bibliographical information: Marcello; Mastroianni", French Film Stars Database quotes him
    To be a Latin Lover a man, above all, has to be a great fucker - he has to be infalliable and I'm not that. I often foul it up
    (The spelling "infalliable" is that of the site just mentioned.) It attributes the quote to MM's obit "A sweet life of very hard work" in w:The Guardian, p. 13, 1996 20 December. The quote is embedded in the "Citation" of the DB entry, which has the ring of an unbroken extract from the obit, and runs 88 words.
  3. My friend said, suggesting a 1st-hand account, approximately "MM said he was 'not such a good fucker', and SL said 'Please excuse him, his English is not very good, and he doesn't understand what he's said', but Cavett replied 'His English is just fine." (And, tho i'm less confident abt it, i think between SL & DC, MM said "I mean it", reiterating in a way that suggested he might think she merely thot he was being excessively modest abt his performance.)

I would consider the actual Guardian obit reliable, but their online archives seem to go back only to '99. We don't know the basis of #1, but it sounds independent, and as to essentials, all three accounts are consistent -- tho i'd like to be able to quote more of the discussion. So hopefully someone can fill in on sources & at least a paraphrase of more wording.
--Jerzyt 00:39, 12 July 2009 (UTC)[reply]