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Unsorted Quotes[edit]

Al: [to Peggy] Do I see the redheaded monster of jealousy?

Kelly: [looking disgusted] Some guy on the bus asked me if I wanted to "rub his 'magic lamp' and see a genie come out"... there was no genie.

Al: A fat woman came into the store today. She said she wanted something to feel comfortable in, so I said "try Wyoming."

[Two young guys start working at the shoe store. Al and Griff make them understand that they are stuck with this job to the rest of their lives.]
Young worker A: This job is just...
Griff: Temporary?
Young worker B: Yeah, 'cause we're going to...
Al: College?
[A brief moment of silence.]
Al: Do you have a girlfriend? I bet she's a redhead.