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Text of sourced quote[edit]

The link for the sourced quote in Holinshed is to a photograph of the page of the book and is difficult to read. Here is the relevant paragraph:

  • As touching the maner of whose death, some saie that she died of a timpanie, some by hir much sighing before hir death supposed she died of thought and sorrow. Whereupon hir councell seeing hir sighing, and desirous to know the cause, to the end they might minister more readie consolation unto hir, feared (as they said) that she tooke some thought for the kings maiestie hir husband, which was gone from hir. To whome she answering againe; Indeed (said she) that may be one cause, but that is not the greatest wound that pearseth mine oppressed mind: but what was she would not express to them. Albeit afterward she opened the matter more plainlie to mistresse Rice and mistresse Clarentius (if it be true that they told me, which heard it of mistresse Rice himselfe) who then being most familiar with hir, and most bold about hir, told hir that they feared she tooke thought for king Philips departing from hir. Not that onelie (said she) but when I am dead and opened, you shall find Calis lieng in my hart. Which one supposing to be true, hath left this report:
    Hispani oppidulo amisso contabuit uxor,
    Quam cruciatu agro confecerat anxia cura.

    And here an end of queene Marie, ...
    • Raphael Holinshed, The Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland, vol. III, page 1160 (1587) InvisibleSun 06:14, 6 December 2005 (UTC)


  • There are only two things: soul and body. My soul I offer to God and my body to Your Majesty's service, and may it please you to kill me rather than take away the old religion in which I wish to live and die.
    • To her brother, Edward VI, who objected to her Catholicism.
  • As the souls of heretics are hereafter to be eternally burning in hell, there can be nothing more proper than for me to imitate divine vengeance by burning them on earth.
    • Reportedly said.