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I emailed (um, Professor Wilkes? Sir Maurice?) about this quote (I wished to cite it in the introduction to my PhD thesis). I was very pleasantly surprised (and quite excited, considering just who I was corresponding with) to quickly receive a reply confirming that the quote was indeed authentic, but he could not recall exactly where he had said it. --User:Robert Merkel

I have found it cited in several places to "Pioneer Computer Lecture, The Computer Museum, September 21, 1979", discussing the EDSAC. I believe this refers to the (now-defunct) Digital Computer Museum, so an actual transcript may be hard to come by -- User:puetzk

invented what[edit]

what did maurice invent or what does he have to do with computers?

a friend

I have expanded the introduction based on information at the ACM website, which should answer this question. See also the Wikipedia article, and for further information refer to his Bibliography at the University of Cambridge website ~ Ningauble 14:35, 15 December 2008 (UTC)