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  • “I'M NOT a donkey, and I don't have a field”
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    • Sica's 2017 Routledge book, Max Weber and the New Century cites a May 15 2000 letter to the editor of the Financial Times by Claudia Binaghi
  • In contrast to all other forms of domination, the economic domination of capital cannot, because of its 'impersonal character', be ethically regulated. ... The competitiveness, the market, the labour market, the monetary market, the commodity market, in one word 'objective' considerations, neither ethical nor anti-ethical, but simply non-ethical ... determine behaviour at the decisive points.
    • Cited in The War of Gods: Religion and Politics in Latin America (1996), p. 143
  • A fully developed bureaucratic mechanism stands in the same relationship to other forms as does the machine to the non-mechanical production of goods. Precision, speed, clarity, documentary ability, continuity, discretion, unity, rigid subordination, reduction of friction and material and personal expenses are unique to bureaucratic organization.
    • As cited in: Tomas Brytting, Richard Minogue (2016), The Anatomy of Fraud and Corruption: Organizational Causes and Remedies