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Please enter the best quotes on missionality and cite your sources. --DaveDV 21:17, 18 October 2006 (UTC)

I don't believe that it is necessary to push this topic toward the "emerging church movement." You could probably include that input on the wikipedia page. Wikiquote pages only include a brief intro to the theme - that's why there is a link to missional on wikipedia. If you read the quotes and look at the array of authors - this page is much more focused on a biblical view of mission for every believer and every church - not specifically an emerging church perspective. DaveDV 09:49, 19 February 2007 (UTC)

Your collection of quotes is extensive, but for that reason confusing and somewhat misleading. Just as an example, I think you would learn something if you corresponded with John MacArthure about his quote being included in this article. If I gambled I would bet you a steak dinner that he would respond that he did not embrace "missional living" but instead focused on fulfilling the mission that God has given to the Church as found in the great commission. That is the problem here. The entire article is an exhibition of poor scholarship. If the title of the article were something like "Christian Ministry" all of the quotes might fit. As it stands, this hybrid collection of mismatched quotes typifies misleading using of specialist, insider jargon. The result may cause some readers to be more open to the unorthodoxy and unorthopraxy usually meant by "missional." If that is your intent I must say you are quite clever. If you your intent is to bring quality to Wikiquote, well that is another matter. I'm not sure about your background Dave, but though emergents did not invent the term "missional" (any more than they invented the term "generous orthodoxy") in current usage (which is the standard for dictionaries) the term is not an accurate title for this collection of quotes. My edit sought to put some academic responsibility to this otherwise misleading Wikiquote entry. nonconformist

Thanks for sharing your perspective. First, I am not associated in any way with the emerging church movement - and I don't see missional as solely an emerging church discussion. My understanding of missional and my entry of quotes on this page was intended to point to Scripture and a variety of authors who have attempted to articulate the redemptive mission of Jesus, which is the mission of the church. Second, I think that the way I understand "missional living" may be different than yours. Doesn't missional living focus on "fulfilling the mission that God has given to the Church as found in the Great Commission"? Missional living has to be linked to the Church and the Great Commission! Third, I don't see this collection as poor scholarship or misleading or clever. I was simply trying to provide a variety of quotes that focus on fulfilling the mission of Jesus. Why does "missional" have to be associated with the emerging church movement? Please explain...


  • Solid lasting missionary work is accomplished by prayer, whether offered in China, India, or the United States.
    • James O. Fraser (1886-1938), Scottish missionary to China in the early part of the 20th century