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Pardon me, but this is a complete suck up to one man who just removed the chief inspector from Iran. This man was a complete failure in North Korea as was Hans Blix. Why is there no opposing information on this guy except for warm condolences as if he's a direct messenger from God?

Does Wiki give real information? Or does it allow individuals to push their agendas? Why all the BOLDING? As if this guy has some key to peace? The only external comments are those shamelessly pushing him without merit. Yet there is no mention of failures on his part of of IAEA to stop any regime, such as North Korea from progressing with nuclear bombs.

In fact he as acted as an impediment to accurate information gathering on the part of Iran and should be seen as openly supporting Iran, instead of the international agency he represents.

This page in all sincerity is a sham. You should report He recently removed a Key Chief Inspector from Iran - simply because the Iranians demanded it.

Remember - a nobel prize was given to Arafat - a cold blooded murderer, extortionist, oppressor, stealing from his own people, millions of dollars whereby his wife lives in the seat of luxory today while millions waste. I bring this up to show that awards only take you so far and that actions speak louder than any words or awards from smugs elites trying to prove a point.

I have less and less hope for Wiki as any form of balanced information. And its becoming clear I should stop looking here for any valid, balanced, honest information.

Michael —The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talkcontribs) 23:03, 21 July 2006 (UTC)

You seem to be confusing Wikiquote with Wikipedia. Wikiquote is not a debating society on the merits or demerits of notable people or the truth or falsity of what they said or wrote. Wikiquote is a collection of notable quotations. If you think that a page of quotations by someone provides an unsatisfactory picture of that individual, you have the solution in your own hands: add other quotations which portray the person differently. In that way, everyone benefits from the greater complexity. Wikiquote is not a place for edit wars, deleting or disputing content based on the political views of contributors; nor is it a place to determine whether the quotations reflect a balanced view of the world. Once again, this is simply an archive of quotations. Some of the things said by notable people include lies, delusions, distortions, propaganda and so on. Any reader of these quotations must look elsewhere to find out context or decide on what is factual. If readers are not willing to find out more, then they cannot expect that Wikiquote will do it for them. We are a reference source for quotations, not an arbiter of truth. As for bolding, this is an option allowed for contributors to emphasize what they consider the more important quotations. It's an inevitably subjective matter, but it is an option. - InvisibleSun 23:45, 21 July 2006 (UTC)
You (user at IP seem to have strong and definite opinions, and have the opportunity to add genuine quotes of notable people and works that you find significantly interesting, appealing or appalling. A wiki is a medium for expression, and this wiki is not constructed in such a way that any pretensions of entirely "fair and balanced" opinion is demanded from any one individual, though ideally most contributors will be considerate and respectful as possible of many opinions and views other than their own; but it does provide an excellent opportunity for many people to arrive at a consensus accumulation of quotations that are significant. If you think the quotations gathered should be countered by others more hostile and critical of ElBaradei from famous individuals or sources, feel entirely free to add them. ~ Kalki 23:49, 21 July 2006 (UTC)