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This is my first contribution here, so I'm not sure I'm doing it right. If anyone wants to fix it for me, that would be cool. Thanks, Dave 05:12, 31 Mar 2005 (UTC)


Branden Later became opposed to Rand after the affair ended. There are things about his disagreements with the philosophy. Let's look around.

pseudo self-esteem[edit]

 Pseudo Self-esteem is the illusion of self-efficacy and self-respect without the reality. It is a nonrational, self-protective device to diminish anxiety and to provide a spurious sense of security - to assuage our need for authentic self-esteem while allowing the real causes of its lack to remain unexamined. It is based on values unrelated to that which genuine self-efficacy and self-respect require....instead of valuing personal authenticity, we may value belonging to the right clubs,...instead of practicing appropriate self-assertion, we may practice uncritical compliance  to our particular group. instead of seeking self-respect through honrsty, we may seek it through philanthropy....instead of striving for the power of competence.[genuine values]..we may pursue the "power" of mnipulating or controlling other people. the possibilities for self-deception are almost endless.  

pg. 51-2; The Six Pillars of Self-esteem. by Nathaniel Branden