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Hello, I've just added numerous significant recorded quotes from Ned Kelly's final trial - documented exchanges between Ned Kelly and Sir Redmond Barry, which are to be found here - - I hope my use of the Wiki interface and headings is okay - obviously I will appreciate your improving the layout and sub-headings. Sorry to still be learning the html and interface details - but hope the documented info I've added here makes up for my failings in layout! Aus Chia 15:42, 30 May 2008 (UTC)


  • Surrender be buggered.
  • Such is Life. (Reported at the time by two newspapers, The Age and The Herald, but disputed in the diary of Ned Kelly's gaol warden, who was closer than than the journalists present when Ned Kelly was hung.
    • Variant: Ah Well, I suppose it has come to this...Such Is Life.
  • A day will come in a bigger court than this when we will see who is right or wrong.
  • Yes, I will see you where I go.
  • I've never killed a man, but if I do, so help me God, you'll be the first!