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  • I broke my rib three days before going to Chicago. I did the training for four and a half months getting ready to go and three days before I went, when I was really nervous to join the company and see where I stood, I broke my rib. We were learning "Funny Valentine" and because we were learning from the tape, we were doing one of the lifts wrong. He lifted me from under my ribs. So then I had to go and do it with a broken rib.
  • I know guys aren't opposed to flexibility.
  • I have got arthritis in my neck and my hips. I have had surgery on my feet. I have had snapping hip syndrome, tendinitis, shin splints, bursitis... I have had almost every injury imaginable.
  • I have the ugliest feet in the world! But even if I didn't dance, they would still be ugly. My toes are too big!
  • I'm always sad I left dance. I'm just in my element when I'm in the dance world. I'm so much more content in my heart when I'm sitting on a dance floor in a studio. It sounds so cheesy but it's just my home, it's where I grew up, I've been doing it since I was 6. It makes so much more sense to me than anything else I do.
  • (When asked what was the most difficult time of her life): Probably when I was at the National Ballet School of Canada, from the ages of nine to fourteen. It's the best dance school in the world, but an extremely competitive one, and there was a lot of pressure for a child. It had an extremely back-stabbing mentality, and there was a lot of favoritism. I wanted to be there because I wanted to be a dancer. I love to dance, and that was my dream. When you're in that school, it means you've beaten out two thousand people to get there, so you're not exactly gonna quit. But I did, at fourteen, because I basically had a nervous breakdown--I wouldn't have been able to function had I stayed there. It was a huge decision. But I'd just about given up on my dream of being a dancer and realized that I'd completely lost myself and had no friends and was very unhappy in my life and couldn't have continued if I'd stayed there.
  • When I look back on it now, I am so glad that the one thing that I had in my life was my belief that everything in life is a learning experience, whether it be positive or negative. If you can see it as a learning experience, you can turn any negative into a positive.
  • Classical ballet is physically challenging. You don't have any control over your career. You have to take instruction. You can't talk back. You can't have an opinion. You have to have great discipline and endurance. You have to tolerate pain. If you don't make it within a five-year period after training, you won't get into a company. You can't do it after you turn 35, because your body hurts so much. If you do ballet, you have to do it all day, every day.
  • Dancing is my heart and my soul. I miss it, but my bunions really hurt.
  • Tampon adverts are the worst, aren't they? They're so unrealistic—-like women are going to do all this athletic stuff wearing skintight white pants! It's their time of the month and they're trying on swimsuits...
  • Dance is certainly a sport, and they are phenomenal athletes, and they're also artists.
  • When I look back on it now, I am so glad that the one thing that I had in my life was my belief that everything in life is a learning experience, whether it be positive or negative. If you can see it as a learning experience, you can turn any negative into a positive.
  • If you're in a company, you're dancing from 9 a.m. till 7 in the evening, and then you go home and get in a hot tub and get some Epsom salts and try to get your body goin' again. There's no social life, no anything.
  • There's a feeling of elation that comes after getting off stage and then there's a feeling of utter sadness that comes after getting off the stage.
  • There's something really nice about not sitting separate from the crew in some massive trailer away from the studio. To actually be there with them, it's more of a creative process.
  • It was my life, my love and my introduction to the arts. (But) I had dealt with a lot of injuries, and I knew that if I continued to try to have a career in a company, I would always be struggling with that.
  • The dancer's diet--cigarettes and coffee. The dancers these days have actually gotten a lot smarter. Not as many of them smoke ... I just haven't gotten smarter.
  • (On her pet project "The Company" getting made): It's very empowering, and it's overwhelming. It's great in the sense that now I know I'm capable of this. I can get it done.
  • My entire family is involved in the arts somehow. I've never assumed I'd be anything but a performer.
  • I was in a public bathroom. I was using the stall. Some girl slid a pen and paper underneath. She asked, "Can I get your autograph?" I asked her, "Can I finish peeing first?"
  • I’ve jumped between television, film and theater, my entire career, so there were no surprises. It was a decent budget, so there weren’t really very big sacrifices made. I think we had a really great cast. I got to work with my brother, which was wonderful. There wasn’t a vast difference between doing a feature and doing this ("An Amish Murder").
  • (On co-starring with her brother in an upcoming TV series): It was great fun! This was the first time we’ve played brother and sister, and that was very interesting. But, I love working with Christian. He’s really talented. It was a real coup for us to be able to work together on this project.
  • I was on holiday with friends, on an empty beach, and I had just gotten off the plane. I was bloated and PMS-ing, and I hadn't exercised in months because my foot was injured. Some of the press was shockingly mean. There were comments like, "She's no longer a Wild Thing." It was horrible! The annoying thing to me is that I'm in great shape, and I'm strong, and I take care of myself. I might have been five pounds heavier in that photo than what people expect. But I'm a human being, I'm on holiday, leave me alone!
  • I trained 8 1/2 hours a day for six months [for the film "The Company"]. I did 4 1/2 months on my own with a coach, doing Pilates and doing rehabilitation for a knee injury, and working on the dance pieces. And then I did another month and a half with the Joffrey Ballet, learning all the ballets.
  • [Does it seem like she's just trying to be a serious actress now after all the lightweight fluff?]: What would be wrong with that? It's better than being the girl from 'Scream' who's not trying to do something serious. When you start in this business, you take the things that come at you. 'Scream' was great for what it was. For a horror film, it was intelligent, it was funny, it took a laugh at itself. 'Party of Five' won a Golden Globe, it was a well-written television series. It's really funny, people's perceptions. I got blamed for doing those things.
  • I'd been offered the leads in some network shows, but I've done that schedule, and 10 months a year, 17 hours a day, and that's not who I want to be as a mom," Campbell recently told Business Insider. "I want to be more present for Caspian than that, so I knew that what I wanted was a cable show with a good cast, and good writing, and it was respected, and an ensemble where I'm not carrying it, and then this came along. And then I couldn't have asked for anything better.
  • (Is there a personal project left that she'd really like to do): For me, inevitably as an actor, it always comes down to the scripts, and there's not any specific kind of character that I'm dying to play. It just inevitably comes down to good writing, and something intriguing, and interesting, and different, or new in some way. I had in the past wanted to direct, and I think at some point that is something I would like to do.
  • (On a life in ballet boarding school): It is a bit like artistic boot camp.
  • [a quote by her in a magazine]: "It was naive way of getting men to see ballet--'I know guys aren't opposed to flexibility'."